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Authentic OnLine Do-It-Yourself Tarot Readings ::

Authentic OnLine Do-It-Yourself Tarot Readings ::

POSITIONAL (MAIN) MEANING A fountain of abundance nourishes your life.The card in the Self position reveals aspects of how you perceive yourself right now. When the Ace of Cups is in this position, you are realizing abundance, emotional security, bonding, comfort, self-love and love for the world. This card signifies the fountain of nurturing and support that we have inside our hearts. Those who are mystically inclined may think of it as coming from God or a Higher Self; others may see it as springing forth from those around you. In any case, it's an unfailing source of comfort, support and optimism that portrays the world as good, beautiful, and plentiful. This fountain of love pours over everything in your life.
Situation: The Universe

POSITIONAL (MAIN) MEANING You drew your arrow and hit your target with the style of a skillful archer.The card that lands in the Situation position refers to social or circumstantial factors which could be affecting your life at this time. When the World is in this position, you appear to be approaching circumstances that previously existed only in your imagination. After years of effort and struggle, matters may seem absurdly easy now. Your ambition, inspiration and perseverance have taken you toward your desired outcome. Now you are zeroing in on the bull's eye, having explored the territory and brought yourself to its center. Pause for a while and enjoy this moment. Recognize that you have completed what you set out to achieve. You are the person you wanted to be in the presence of the company you wanted to keep. You now inhabit what used to be a dream.
Challenges/ Opportunities: The Hierophant

POSITIONAL (MAIN) MEANING Help make the invisible visible.The card that lands in the Challenges/Opportunities position refers to ways that you can turn obstacles into stepping stones. The Hierophant in this position points to someone who is recognized and respected for the qualities that once made them seem strange to others. People like this see into the invisible spaces, communicate with animals, plants or the elements, and generally live in the world but are not bound to it. Although an extra degree of sensitivity to your experience of life has at times seemed a setback, the Hierophant is now in a position to make it pay. This is a specialist, a person with a gift. With self-discipline, you can turn your unique point of view into a path of service.
Foundation: Two of Cups

POSITIONAL (MAIN) MEANING Use examples of lasting relationships to guide you in visualizing your own dreams.The card in the Foundation position points to influences from your personal history, your roots and background. The Two of Cups in this position suggests that you have witnessed a true bond between individuals who were better together than apart, whose trust and commitment weathered all challenges and setbacks. This model can teach you what it truly means when people say "I love you" or "I want to be with you" or "Let's do this project together." You have few illusions about how much effort that kind of commitment entails, the amount of vigilance and willpower it requires. Hold onto that knowledge, for in this world of wounded relationships, those who know how to relate fully are in the minority. Even if you are not in the relationship you want to be in right now, keep the ideal alive. It can happen for you as long as you continue to believe in it.
Recent Past: Prince of Swords

POSITIONAL (MAIN) MEANING The backbone you have shown illustrates the reserves of drive and passion you now possess. This willpower is yours to call upon.The card in the Recent Past position refers to events that are just departing, recently influential but now diminishing in power. With the Knight of Swords (in some decks, a Prince) in this position, a recent experience has shaken you up and drawn out a fierceness and intensity you may have forgotten you had. You found yourself making demands or being irritated; you said things you normally would not have said. It may have just been an impressive display of grit! Scrutinize the situation closely for the model it offers -- it would be terrific if you could possess that kind of power and authority without feeling threatened or forced to fight. The experience may well be worth whatever stress it has caused. Taking empowerment from it without becoming over-anxious would be the ideal outcome.
Higher Power: Two of Swords

POSITIONAL (MAIN) MEANING Clarity and respect for the experiences and viewpoints of others can reconcile and harmonize opposites, producing new solutions.The card in the Higher Power position reflects the broader perspective and influence of your conscience, Guardian Angel, inner wisdom. When the Two of Swords is in this position, your Higher Power is helping you perceive both sides of an issue that is normally too controversial or loaded to be seen objectively. This is a superb moment of clarity. It's especially opportune when you realize you don't have to decide a question of right or wrong; you don't have to reject one side to support the other. There are valid points of view, experiences, beliefs and truths on both sides of any dilemma. All parties hold a piece of the truth. Your greater self, your more evolved and spiritual side, is helping redefine the problem in such a way that opposing forces are seen as complementary rather than competitive. This technique is well worth learning. Relax your mental analyses and see how it's possible to reconcile opposites and create harmonious solutions.
Near Future: Three of Disks

POSITIONAL (MAIN) MEANING A vision has absorbed you. As you emerge from your preoccupation, it's clear that you and your work are highly respected.The card in the Near Future position indicates which way the wind is blowing with regard to your situation. If you follow the Advice card, however, you can improve on or neutralize tendencies. With the Three of Coins in this position, you may be coming out of obscurity. You have been so absorbed in your vision that you have forgotten how many fans you really have, how many people there are who respect you and wish you well. In fact, you may find yourself receiving invitations to join more illustrious company as you move up the rungs of the professional and financial ladder. This is more than just an accident. It's also more than just your brilliance being recognized. Your work is meeting their needs. A spotlight may shine on your genius and ability to inspire others, and your creative work will flourish with daring and original ideas.
Blocks & Inhibitions: Queen of Wands

POSITIONAL (MAIN) MEANING When self-doubt is banished, positive change can result.The card in the Blocks position points to self-undermining tendencies, areas where you could be in denial, where you could get stuck -- unless you examine yourself and make some corrections. When the Queen of Wands falls in this position, old routines and self-doubt get in the way of your potential leadership. This is somewhat ironic, considering that the issues are clear, positive change is clearly needed and you possess the necessary talent. Your unique viewpoint may be the key to what is needed in this situation, but your knee-jerk reflex is to assume that it is unachievable. You know that a change would bring great satisfaction; don't allow fear and doubt to block the way.
Allies: Prince of Cups

POSITIONAL (MAIN) MEANING With strong support you feel confident that the dream is worth the risks.The card in the Allies position points to people who can be supportive or helpful to you at this time. The Knight of Cups (in some decks, a Prince) in this position suggests your timing is near perfect. The greater flow of events is supporting you, and your team or family group is ready to hear what you have been preparing to share. Everyone is positioned for agreement, harmony and support. As you are bringing yourself back into the fold, it's wonderful to rediscover that you are not alone. Allies are positioned nearby who will help and guide you, just as you would do for them. Count your blessings; this is a fine position to be in. This is the perfect time to reclaim your place in the circle.
Advice: The Moon

POSITIONAL (MAIN) MEANING Listen to the body and its unique wisdom. Rely upon your inner resources as your best source of support and security.The card in the Advice position suggests a course of action which will harmonize what you want with what is currently possible. The Moon in this position advises that you trust your instincts and intuitions. Your aboriginal body, which is connected to all living things, is sharper and quicker than the cultivated, civilized self. The everyday mind may not be prepared for strange oceanic circumstances. Plus, it has no game plan. Your intuitive body will support you unerringly if you do not interfere with or try to control what you perceive. A better approach would be to meditate. Try to just be a witness. Do nothing; let nature carry you forward. This may be your best option in this situation.
Long-term Potential: Ten of Swords

POSITIONAL (MAIN) MEANING You may be pruned by circumstances, but you will endure and be renewed.The card in the Long-term Potential position points to unknowns still taking shape. It is the "wild card" yet to be played. With the Ten of Swords in this position, there is potential to experience a new surge of life force and excitement after a radical pruning. When you understand the metaphor of a violent winter storm whipping the trees, throwing down limbs and knocking over unsteady specimens, you'll understand this card. This is how Nature renews herself, by breaking holes in the canopy so the sun can reach the forest floor. Try to see new potential being liberated in the storm of chaos and unpredictability. It can be a fearsome process because it indicates overwhelming lack of control. When it's over, however, new possibilities that can enrich and increase your world will present themselves. If you can stay focused on the potential good, you won't feel so much personal loss in the course of the change.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Spread - Significator 2010

Every secular New Year, I do a reading for an overview of the next 12 months and I pull one card as a significator for the coming year, for a total of 13 cards. For 2010 the significator is the Ace of Swords.

This year 2010, will be a time of reckoning. This year focus on tying up loose ends and making things right. Use the obstacles you currently have to show you a new direction and create a better way by eliminating the habits that create these obstacles. There is power in adversity, in that if you are not shown what you need to overcome, you may never learn to do so and continually repeat these habits.

By the power of will and focused intention we can make necessary changes. This will not usually come easily, as the double edge of the sword will require the destruction or elimination of old ways and situations. However, this creates the room in our lives for creating a better future. Clear away anything that is not helpful to you, all the things and situations that are causing the same or similar issues to arise again and again.

Seek help where you need it to make these changes and try not to slip backwards into old habits. Some example situations:

Financial: Maybe you need to seek help from an accountant or make a claim of bankruptcy with a trustee. Changing the negative patterns of financial loss just begins there. Be sure to follow up with a plan of action to prevent the past experiences from happening. If you are owed money or lost money, think about how you got into that situation to learn from it. Did you trust someone with a history of financial irresponsibility? Did a business fall through due to something you had overlooked? Were there circumstances that were not prepared for? Or was it just a sheer lack of planning that got you into a mess? Whatever the situation it is imperative that you learn from it in order to create a better situation from it. If the lessons are not learned, the you are doomed to repeat them.

Work/Career: New methods will be instated and you must keep up. If you are changing jobs or looking for a new career make certain you are up to date with new procedures. There may be a necessity to sacrifice positions and thus, people, in business. If you are a business owner or a manager, you may find these things hard to execute, but you need to analyse and understand the reasons for it. Use compassion, but do not continue old patterns to avoid hard decisions - I assure you, the axe will fall regardless, and it may fall on you (and the other person, also), if this lesson is not learned.
If you are in a situation where you are let go and are looking for work, try very hard to view this as a blessing no matter how difficult your current situation is. See the opportunity of the double-edged sword. There is a quote which applies here:

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. - Albert Schweitzer
(I have heard this quote comes from Buddha, but I think Albert Schweitzer said it. Although, Buddha has said many similar things.)

Not to be trite or cliche, but this is the single most important key to success. Keep your chin up and send out the energy you wish to attract.

Relationships: This is for all relationships from friendship to romance, to family or spiritual relationships. There are noted changes, distinct changes. Things seem to go from hot to cold or vice-versa. This could be initiated by you, since you may recognize that a relationship is not serving you well, or that this is relationship needs to take a completely new direction. Most importantly, in the re-assessment of the other areas of your life, you will find which relationships are able to make the transitions needed to fit into your new plans and those which are too stuck to do so. If a relationship cannot change to meet the needs of your new situation, or the other person does not consider your needs, then this may be the time to re-assess that relationship too.
The most important relationship we have is the one we have to ourselves. Do not undermine or dismiss the importance of this. Learn from the relationships that do not grow with you to develop relationships that do. Ultimately, denying your own needs will destroy connections you make with others. If you end up feeling hurt all the time, it is probably due to a pattern you have developed that reinforces those self-defeating situations. This year, make a point of changing any relationship patterns that do not serve you well, and remember, if they are not serving you well, they can't possible be in the best interest of anyone else either.

In my next post I will reveal the monthly cards for 2010. I wish everyone the very best for the new year. Blessings on all of you!