Sunday, November 15, 2009

Transforming! More than meets the eye!

Preamble: Today I am going to read the 3 cards a little differently. I feel as if I need to group the cards together as one statement of the present, rather than a past, present and future reading or a positive negative reading.


Whether you like it or not, things are transforming. The changes that are taking place you had better get used to. If you can tough it out and make smart choices and not hang on to what has lost it's relevance to you, then you will be able to use the current changes to your benefit. In some sense there is a windfall coming. The 6 of Disks indicate that there are good opportunities present. These blessings are to be shared to reach full their potential. The placement suggests to me that what you sow now in kindness and generosity will reap great rewards later. Note the microcosmic representation of the wheel in 6 of Disks, to the macrocosmic response in the last card of Wheel of Fortune, ( or just Fortune in the Thoth deck).

In the centre, we have the Death card, which always seems to put people on edge. Try to relax, because in this reading, especially, it doesn't mean anything harmful, unless you are very attached to some habits that are harmful to you. If you want those blessings to develop, then you are going to have to make the appropriate changes. If you don't get a handle on that, then whether you like it or not those changes that are going to happen will knock you over. You can either accept it and catch a wave, or get washed up in the currents events.

Right now, The Moon is in Scorpio, and Pluto and Saturn are squared and today this has become exact. It doesn't surprise me that these cards are coming up now. Death is ruled by Scorpio, and there is a relationship between the 6 of Disks's Moon in Taurus and the opposite position of the current Moon phase. Being forced to face our shortcomings now and make informed and honest decisions about what we need to cull from our lives is going to create the fertile ground for growth. This will have immediate advantage, but the real fruits of today's events, and over the next few days, will be even more evident during the Winter Solstice. For now, give away the things you don't need and use this cleansing period for preparation of the abundance coming.

The current New Moon in Scorpio it is the perfect time to consciously make and adapt to the changes, but there may be changes you hadn't counted on as well. By generating a compassionate and balanced mind, these changes will soon pass and be overcome with grace.Tomorrow's New Moon in Scorpio will be squaring Jupiter - corresponding to the Fortune card - Chiron, and Neptune which are conjunct in Aquarius emphasizing healing and.

This may be a great day for making a Pros and Cons list, then taking action based on those findings. What is helpful to you? What is harming you? Do you have any patterns that are not allowing for new growth? Are you able to gracefully let these patterns go? Try to think of six things you could change or that are changing and how to use that to help yourself and your loved ones. Tonight and tomorrow are good for banishing rituals of these patterns and doing healing spells and purification baths to prepare for the new cycle.

I will post some spells for this evening and tomorrow on the Occultrix Website that will correspond with this reading and astrological forecast.

Many blessings, go in peace and be well.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Know, Will, Dare, and keep your trap shut!

The Situation:

6 of Cups - Feeling nostalgic? This is this the tone for the day. Past efforts are bearing fruit as someone or thing from your past brings new opportunities and inspiration. Revive old dreams t0 fuel creativity but don't wallow in the past and "what could have been".

Positive Influences:

The High Priestess indicates that something or someone is elusive and answers may be found in our subconscious mind. Look inward for answers. Try lucid dreaming tonight or spend time in mediation to clear mental debris. Today is a good day to remember the creed of ""know, will, dare, and keep silent". The answers are within.

Negative Influences:

2 of Disks - Dominion: In this position 2 of wands is a bit overbearing. The control needed to negotiate a relationship is with controlling ourselves. Be careful not to try and control everyone and everything else.

Summary: While relationships are good, there is a strain on them. Especially in the case of one to one partnerships, as the 2's are prevalent today. Seeking balance and harmony should be a priority. Try to deal with issues and conflicts with yourself first instead of immediately being confrontational. There could be information in the next couple of days which change your opinion and you may feel foolish for not holding back today. Use the dreams of the past today, to propel you into your future and don't let the pettiness stand in your way.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

3 Card Reading for Nov.7th

A little preamble:
First off, I would like to apologize for not updating this daily, as I had intended. Sometimes, it takes me a bit to incorporate new activities into my very busy life. I am certain a large number of people can relate to this. Anyway, I will try harder to be more consistent.

Also, this particular reading seems very personal, and I am wondering about the focus of these readings. For instance, am I reading for myself or am I reading for my community or globally...? I am trying to convey a general tone of the day with these three cards readings. You may or may not relate to them, or my interpretation. That is why I encourage comments, so I may learn and others as well, different perspectives.

This reading feels very personal to me, but I will try to extend it.

The Doubting Thomas

Ace of Wands:
This situation is regarding new undertakings, especially creative ones. It could signify a pregnancy or a new business venture. There are plenty of opportunities presenting themselves now. A chance to travel could be on the horizon. You are prime for the changes that could occur. I say "could" because I the last card has five plates of bad vibes to serve up. The potential is exponential, but there are still some obstacles. We will look at what those could be. Normally five beats out a one, but this is an Ace, representing a more primal force. This is the root force of the element of fire and it may be able to take on the five earthy dishes. Now let's look at the second card.

The Magus:
This card represents the positive influences of the day. There is a promise of great skills and their application. Through experience and training you already possess, you can embark upon a new enterprise with grace and confidence. Unfortunately, you are hindered by the 5 of Disks. You know what needs to be done, you have a perfectly good opportunity to do it yet, you hesitate. Don't drop that ball! Or should I say, balls? Grab a hold of yours and go for it!

Five of Disks:
Ah, here we go. This is where all those issues are coming from. The negative influences surrounding this situation are not all self-sabotage, but it doesn't help to keep focusing on what could go wrong, or how things could have been better. Stop doubting yourself! Opportunities like this don't come along everyday. You can handle it, and you should. In fact, if you can get over your issues for a moment, you may realize that the opportunities that are coming up soon, (if not already), are the very cure for the lack of confidence in one's abilities.

Overall Summary:
You have struggled so long, that perhaps that is just the way to which you have become accustomed to living. You are in survival mode and that is stopping you from taking any risks. Stop struggling against yourself. The mind needs to be turned away from survival thinking to abundance thinking. Take a deep breath in and out. Let go of the self-deprecating fear, and forge ahead with all the passion and skill you have got. If The power of the Ace of Wands is going to take on the challenge of the 5 of Disks, then the application of that fiery energy will have to be intense for the first little while. Much the same way that the fiery core of the earth can produce island-making lava, you can transmute these two elements to construct your own successful, creative enterprise.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Buy Now, Pay Later!

Preamble: Hello Everyone! I have decided to give my daily tarot readings from my website Occultrix a blog of their own for easier networking. Now you can just use the friending option on blogger and you can follow me on Twitter. See the side panel for the feed.

I would love to hear comments about my interpretations. Different viewpoints are welcome. I love to learn new perspectives and enrich my knowledge of the tarot with others.

This is today's 3 card tarot forecast.

5 of Cups - Disappointment

Not everything is going your way. Yes, it is true that some areas of life are not as stable as one would like them to be, but all is not lost. Try to remember what is going your way. Use the strengths you still do have to turn this situation around. Judging by the next two cards, this is going to take a lot of discipline and patience.

Still, we must move forward, lest we get caught in the sorrows of our past. Begin (again) to plan for your future, if
you have neglected this recently. Just let go of what was lost. Consider it a sacrifice, a gift to the Universe, if that helps. It will turn your mind towards gratitude, instead of regret.

6 of Cups - Pleasure

There is an strong indication of lingering in the past in this reading. Most would think of "pleasure" as being a good thing, and to some extent it is. The problem is after remembering our strengths and having a little success we may just be reminded of what we lost before, lose focus and indulge ourselves to numb the pain. Don't give in. Don't get caught nursing old wounds now. Put a bandage on and GO FOR IT! Heal and flourish.

It is not time to relax and luxuriate just yet. Use discretion when celebrating your small successes so that you can get to the bigger ones that are coming, (provided that you are using discretion!).Use the the dreams of your childhood and the joy and wonder of your youth to fuel your aims.

5 of Wands - Strife

There will be obstacles. You will have competition and you mustn't let that take your focus. Don't worry what others are doing, just worry about what you need to do. Put on your best face and put forth your best efforts without fear, anger, or hesitation and you will overcome adversity.

Rise to the challenge, but do not let the fight wear you out. Take time to relax on occasion to regain the inner balance you will need for performance. Do what you need to in order to get through this difficult time.

Postscript: I am trying to be as general as I can without sounding trite. Please feel free to comment or ask questions about this spread.