Sunday, November 15, 2009

Transforming! More than meets the eye!

Preamble: Today I am going to read the 3 cards a little differently. I feel as if I need to group the cards together as one statement of the present, rather than a past, present and future reading or a positive negative reading.


Whether you like it or not, things are transforming. The changes that are taking place you had better get used to. If you can tough it out and make smart choices and not hang on to what has lost it's relevance to you, then you will be able to use the current changes to your benefit. In some sense there is a windfall coming. The 6 of Disks indicate that there are good opportunities present. These blessings are to be shared to reach full their potential. The placement suggests to me that what you sow now in kindness and generosity will reap great rewards later. Note the microcosmic representation of the wheel in 6 of Disks, to the macrocosmic response in the last card of Wheel of Fortune, ( or just Fortune in the Thoth deck).

In the centre, we have the Death card, which always seems to put people on edge. Try to relax, because in this reading, especially, it doesn't mean anything harmful, unless you are very attached to some habits that are harmful to you. If you want those blessings to develop, then you are going to have to make the appropriate changes. If you don't get a handle on that, then whether you like it or not those changes that are going to happen will knock you over. You can either accept it and catch a wave, or get washed up in the currents events.

Right now, The Moon is in Scorpio, and Pluto and Saturn are squared and today this has become exact. It doesn't surprise me that these cards are coming up now. Death is ruled by Scorpio, and there is a relationship between the 6 of Disks's Moon in Taurus and the opposite position of the current Moon phase. Being forced to face our shortcomings now and make informed and honest decisions about what we need to cull from our lives is going to create the fertile ground for growth. This will have immediate advantage, but the real fruits of today's events, and over the next few days, will be even more evident during the Winter Solstice. For now, give away the things you don't need and use this cleansing period for preparation of the abundance coming.

The current New Moon in Scorpio it is the perfect time to consciously make and adapt to the changes, but there may be changes you hadn't counted on as well. By generating a compassionate and balanced mind, these changes will soon pass and be overcome with grace.Tomorrow's New Moon in Scorpio will be squaring Jupiter - corresponding to the Fortune card - Chiron, and Neptune which are conjunct in Aquarius emphasizing healing and.

This may be a great day for making a Pros and Cons list, then taking action based on those findings. What is helpful to you? What is harming you? Do you have any patterns that are not allowing for new growth? Are you able to gracefully let these patterns go? Try to think of six things you could change or that are changing and how to use that to help yourself and your loved ones. Tonight and tomorrow are good for banishing rituals of these patterns and doing healing spells and purification baths to prepare for the new cycle.

I will post some spells for this evening and tomorrow on the Occultrix Website that will correspond with this reading and astrological forecast.

Many blessings, go in peace and be well.

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