Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Buy Now, Pay Later!

Preamble: Hello Everyone! I have decided to give my daily tarot readings from my website Occultrix a blog of their own for easier networking. Now you can just use the friending option on blogger and you can follow me on Twitter. See the side panel for the feed.

I would love to hear comments about my interpretations. Different viewpoints are welcome. I love to learn new perspectives and enrich my knowledge of the tarot with others.

This is today's 3 card tarot forecast.

5 of Cups - Disappointment

Not everything is going your way. Yes, it is true that some areas of life are not as stable as one would like them to be, but all is not lost. Try to remember what is going your way. Use the strengths you still do have to turn this situation around. Judging by the next two cards, this is going to take a lot of discipline and patience.

Still, we must move forward, lest we get caught in the sorrows of our past. Begin (again) to plan for your future, if
you have neglected this recently. Just let go of what was lost. Consider it a sacrifice, a gift to the Universe, if that helps. It will turn your mind towards gratitude, instead of regret.

6 of Cups - Pleasure

There is an strong indication of lingering in the past in this reading. Most would think of "pleasure" as being a good thing, and to some extent it is. The problem is after remembering our strengths and having a little success we may just be reminded of what we lost before, lose focus and indulge ourselves to numb the pain. Don't give in. Don't get caught nursing old wounds now. Put a bandage on and GO FOR IT! Heal and flourish.

It is not time to relax and luxuriate just yet. Use discretion when celebrating your small successes so that you can get to the bigger ones that are coming, (provided that you are using discretion!).Use the the dreams of your childhood and the joy and wonder of your youth to fuel your aims.

5 of Wands - Strife

There will be obstacles. You will have competition and you mustn't let that take your focus. Don't worry what others are doing, just worry about what you need to do. Put on your best face and put forth your best efforts without fear, anger, or hesitation and you will overcome adversity.

Rise to the challenge, but do not let the fight wear you out. Take time to relax on occasion to regain the inner balance you will need for performance. Do what you need to in order to get through this difficult time.

Postscript: I am trying to be as general as I can without sounding trite. Please feel free to comment or ask questions about this spread.

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