Sunday, November 8, 2009

Know, Will, Dare, and keep your trap shut!

The Situation:

6 of Cups - Feeling nostalgic? This is this the tone for the day. Past efforts are bearing fruit as someone or thing from your past brings new opportunities and inspiration. Revive old dreams t0 fuel creativity but don't wallow in the past and "what could have been".

Positive Influences:

The High Priestess indicates that something or someone is elusive and answers may be found in our subconscious mind. Look inward for answers. Try lucid dreaming tonight or spend time in mediation to clear mental debris. Today is a good day to remember the creed of ""know, will, dare, and keep silent". The answers are within.

Negative Influences:

2 of Disks - Dominion: In this position 2 of wands is a bit overbearing. The control needed to negotiate a relationship is with controlling ourselves. Be careful not to try and control everyone and everything else.

Summary: While relationships are good, there is a strain on them. Especially in the case of one to one partnerships, as the 2's are prevalent today. Seeking balance and harmony should be a priority. Try to deal with issues and conflicts with yourself first instead of immediately being confrontational. There could be information in the next couple of days which change your opinion and you may feel foolish for not holding back today. Use the dreams of the past today, to propel you into your future and don't let the pettiness stand in your way.

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