Saturday, November 7, 2009

3 Card Reading for Nov.7th

A little preamble:
First off, I would like to apologize for not updating this daily, as I had intended. Sometimes, it takes me a bit to incorporate new activities into my very busy life. I am certain a large number of people can relate to this. Anyway, I will try harder to be more consistent.

Also, this particular reading seems very personal, and I am wondering about the focus of these readings. For instance, am I reading for myself or am I reading for my community or globally...? I am trying to convey a general tone of the day with these three cards readings. You may or may not relate to them, or my interpretation. That is why I encourage comments, so I may learn and others as well, different perspectives.

This reading feels very personal to me, but I will try to extend it.

The Doubting Thomas

Ace of Wands:
This situation is regarding new undertakings, especially creative ones. It could signify a pregnancy or a new business venture. There are plenty of opportunities presenting themselves now. A chance to travel could be on the horizon. You are prime for the changes that could occur. I say "could" because I the last card has five plates of bad vibes to serve up. The potential is exponential, but there are still some obstacles. We will look at what those could be. Normally five beats out a one, but this is an Ace, representing a more primal force. This is the root force of the element of fire and it may be able to take on the five earthy dishes. Now let's look at the second card.

The Magus:
This card represents the positive influences of the day. There is a promise of great skills and their application. Through experience and training you already possess, you can embark upon a new enterprise with grace and confidence. Unfortunately, you are hindered by the 5 of Disks. You know what needs to be done, you have a perfectly good opportunity to do it yet, you hesitate. Don't drop that ball! Or should I say, balls? Grab a hold of yours and go for it!

Five of Disks:
Ah, here we go. This is where all those issues are coming from. The negative influences surrounding this situation are not all self-sabotage, but it doesn't help to keep focusing on what could go wrong, or how things could have been better. Stop doubting yourself! Opportunities like this don't come along everyday. You can handle it, and you should. In fact, if you can get over your issues for a moment, you may realize that the opportunities that are coming up soon, (if not already), are the very cure for the lack of confidence in one's abilities.

Overall Summary:
You have struggled so long, that perhaps that is just the way to which you have become accustomed to living. You are in survival mode and that is stopping you from taking any risks. Stop struggling against yourself. The mind needs to be turned away from survival thinking to abundance thinking. Take a deep breath in and out. Let go of the self-deprecating fear, and forge ahead with all the passion and skill you have got. If The power of the Ace of Wands is going to take on the challenge of the 5 of Disks, then the application of that fiery energy will have to be intense for the first little while. Much the same way that the fiery core of the earth can produce island-making lava, you can transmute these two elements to construct your own successful, creative enterprise.


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